Angora Goats for sale near me

If there are people who would be interested in assisting us to save this rare breed of angora goat by becoming breeders, please let us know. We are always keen to welcome new members to our ‘family. The Angora is generally smaller than other domestic goats and sheep. Both sexes are horned, and the ears are long and drooping. The Angora or Ankar is a Turkish breed of domesticated goat. It produces the lustrous fibre known as mohair. It is widespread in many countries of the world. Many breeds derive from it, among them the Indian Mohair, the Soviet Mohair, the Angora-Don of the Russian Federation and the Pygora in the United States.

2 thoughts on “Angora Goats for sale near me

  1. Judi Gooding says:

    I am starting a small fiber farm in western Massachusetts and am very interested in purchasing Angora (or pygora) goats. While I am interested in kids, I also would be interested in mature goats as well since I am just starting out.

    I’d appreciate any information you could provide on what you have for sale and whether you have breeder contacts nearer to me. Thank you for your response!

    • cherodrick says:

      Thanks for contacting us regarding the livestock animals we have available for sale. These animals are up to date on their vet short and comes along with their vet documents upon delivery or pickup.
      These Angora goats are of ages between 13 to 17 months old and weight ranges between 180 to 225 Lbs. Bucks $170 and the Doe $200.
      Kindly let us know your exact location where you want them delivered and the number of goats so we can give you the total cost of your order with delivery charges inclusive.
      Thank you…

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